Honoring the Dark, Seeking the Light

We all search for purpose and place in the universe. This morning I let go of perfect business metaphors and creating slogans for bringing in clients or prosperity. I yield to my lifelong seeking of light and joy even during the long nights of confusion in the dark.

Mixed metaphors are the best! Well, they come easily, and it is important to let go of judgment and just ride the waves of our lives. I grew up near the ocean in Southern California, and the ocean and its beautiful, powerful waves are ever present in my imagination. I, for one, would prefer only smooth surfing, but alas, the rough rides will always come.

What I did read this morning in the Unity Daily Word magazine reminded me that we can elevate our thoughts beyond the small world in which we are currently enmeshed. So beyond my preoccupation this morning with challenges and fear, lifting my eyes above the chaos reminds me of open sky, endless possibilities, surprise, joy.

In my own book of morning poems, SunCatcher: Walking Lightly in the Dark, I remind myself of what I have already forgotten:

Harvest the gifts of the day.
Honor the gifts of the night.
Walk quietly and lightly in the dark.

Thank goodness for looking beyond the small confines of our lives in times of unexplained melancholy or confusion!


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