Divine transformation: Living from the Inside Out

This morning I look out the window and see a beautiful summer scene. Mount Tamalpais is wreathed with wisps of fog, against blue sky, bright sun and green trees and foliage.

As a child, I was often melancholy and my mother would say “Look out the window, not in the mirror.” When someone on the outside advises you, it often feels like judgment or like something impossible to do. Or, like yesterday morning when looking out the window brought only a view of total gray, everything hidden in the vast morning fog.

But when the truth of our own vision comes from the divine within, we know it is a gift of grace to look beyond, to have a window on the world. We are lifted above the preoccupations of a single life to see the beauty, power and wonder of an outside universe.

On days when we awaken still in darkness of dreams, or confusion or worry, we can look out the window to the universes of insects, birds, flowers, sun. By being in the silence and listening to the heart, we are moved out of ourselves to see beauty, hope, new possibility.

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