Remembering Sky at Dawn

On those days when the summer sun is shining brightly on the waves and the soul remembers childhood joy, all is well. It is also time to create reserves of trust and belief which elude us in the dark.

This day is sunny and sweet. A previous night I was struggling and could remember the promise of life cycles themselves, that the sun will come up as surely as night will fall again.

Dawn and twilight are both poetic times, as the sacred and the secular seem to thread together through the self. For morning people, the dawn is a welcome to the promise of the new day. For nightowls, twilight offfers a respite from the bustle of the day and gives endless hours of time to savor.

For this morning person, sky at dawn is one of the most joyous blessings of life. The light lifts me once again to explore the promise of the new day.