Discernment and Roads Taken and Not Taken

One of the greatest puzzles is discerning which road to take. In moments of confusion, do I take action, or sit quietly and consciously until a clear path unfolds?
In Frost’s amazing poem and in life, the road taken or not taken makes all the difference. But what used to terrify me — taking the wrong road — no longer looms so large. There is a divine order to my own growth and to the universe, and acting from the heart clarifies my way.

In darkness and confusion, I can sit and ponder, or take a small step that feels right from the heart. Either way, I gain clarity when I have acted from my soul’s deepest desire. There are no wrong steps. By taking action, I see whether it feels right and in alignment with my spirit. If not, I have gained knowledge about correcting my course.

The paradox is always daunting. Whatever feels right deep within, do that. Sometimes that is action; sometimes that is non-action. If I trust the unfolding of my Self from the heart, there can be no wrong path.

Each road, chosen from the heart, leads to a blessed journey. In the end, all roads lead to God.