Feeling Lost in Broad Daylight

Generally we associate the feeling of being lost as “leaving us in the dark.” Perhaps that is because it is more difficult to see in the night, when no moonshine lights the way and we just have stars in a black heaven above. But the feeling of being lost knows no boundaries. It occurs in the dead of night and in broad daylight.

Thank goodness it is all an illusion of perception. Whether we are confused, feel lost, betrayed, fearful or anxious, there are always seeds of light in the dark. Nothing is ever static. The symbol of yin and yang has the seed of white in the black crescent, and the seed of black in the white. Even in the darkest night the cycle is progressing toward dawn and the full light.

If we are to feel comforted by the shepherds of the Psalms, we know that Spirit is with us wherever we are, and “Lo, I am with you always.” Whether we are in the middle of a busy city or sitting on a remote mountain top, we are never without the Light.

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