Judgment the Great Spoiler

I began this post months ago, but the headline could apply to any difficult day. Judgment, specifically self-judgment, can be so overwhelming that there seems no hope.
Someone who is not prone to depression would simply say “Think about somebody else, stop being so self-centered,” and believe it is an easy fix. But the personality at the center of the thoughts feels so unworthy, hateful and self-centered that they can’t get beyond the “I don’t deserve to be here in this life” thought.
Luckily this day I am not so mired in the darkness that I cannot see the light of dawn. When a ray of light or even the thought of light is possible, one can escape the cycle.
Be compassionate with those who cannot see what you can see.
Love the one who knows she is unworthy.
Sit quietly with the sufferer and do not judge her.
For we all come to a place of darkness where no hope is possible, where despair sucks out any promise of life or worthiness. If you have never experienced this in all the grief and loss of your life, you are one of the lucky ones. If you know this place of hopelessness, you will hold the suffering one in compassionate embrace until the sun again comes up.