The Golden Key

In the midst of confusion, insecurity and the vast unknown, I keep trying to focus on something I read last week. It named this concept The Golden Key, from a pamphlet by Dr. Emmet Fox. It goes like this, as quoted on the Golden Key Ministry website:

Ask yourself these questions: “Would I rather keep a problem, or be free?” “Am I willing to try something new?” Am I willing to accept a different, better result?”

The Golden Key is Scientific Prayer, which as Emmet Fox explains, will get you out of any difficulty on the face of the earth. Turning the Golden Key is simple in that you turn away from the problem and turn to God. In other words, stop thinking of the problem and think of God instead. When you do this, you are amazed at how your mind clears and things begin working out more easily and better than you thought possible.

Years ago, I was introduced to the Golden Key by Dr. Emma Smiley, minister of the Victoria Truth Centre in Victoria, B.C. She convinced me that it is the real key to peace of mind, health, wealth and happiness because it requires Golden Keyer’s to practice the presence of God instead of practicing the presence of problems…

I think this is a great concept for Light and Dark wave riders. Right now, as I am so immersed, drowning even, in the fear of how things could possibly work out, it would be a great gift to be able to pratice the presence of God instead of the presence of problems.

The day I first came across this, I was able to attain great peace of mind and joy. It was as if I elevated my thoughts above the fray and focused only on the beauty of Nature, the heavens, the ocean, the many blessings of my life, gratitude.

Even as I try this this morning, a determination to focus on Spirit enables me to see how useless it is to expand energy focused on problems.