Oh yeah. Faith. Remembering that all is in divine order. Let go and let God. Trusting that the perfect buyer for the house will come at the perfect time. Being willing to relax while the plan is being worked out and surrendering the need to make things happen.

Faith in my Self, in my own higher power, my connection with the power of God, the natural order of the Universe, the balance of day and night, joy and pain, struggling and letting go.

I know that I can lose the 50 lbs. I am committed to losing. I know that the first 25 are within sight, and I can change my habits to bring along the second 25. I know that I am not along on my path.

I know that God is with Mom in her own journey,  and I am willing to be patient as her own path continues as it may, supporting her through faith, love, letting go of fear.

We will all be taken care of. We have no idea how our paths are meant to go. We think we know, but we really can’t anticipate the unknown, so better to live in the present.

And…as always, that is really all we have as we always come back to: the present.  All the clichés  about being in the Now, living in the present, carpe diem, we only have this moment — we hear them so often because they are the fundamental truth of life.

From the biblical wisdom of “This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it” to 21st Century books about being in the Now and staying in the moment, they are constant because the truth is constant.

There are the 24 hours of May 23, 2014. I slept happily through the first 6 hours. Now I want to be fully present through the next 17 until I sleep through the final hour.

This day. This sweet day of life.