Grateful for Deer on This Moving Day

Thank you, my dear God,
For this home and things I love,
All in flow these days.

Thank you, God of All,
For the deer, the hills, the Bay,
I feel so at home.

Thank you, oh dear God,
For my loved ones here and there,
All as one in heart.

Thank you, God of All,
For all blessings large and small,
Even near seawall.

That was quite a stretch,
Rhyming words instead of small,
Grateful for it all.

Now I have it all,
Well, in hours, in this same day,
Lucky so am I.

Even in this town,
Deer come down and linger here,
Fills my heart with joy.

Soon I will go out,
Bedframe, such for movers, yes,
Sleep in my own bed!

Grateful still I am,
For the airbed, sheets and sleep,
Furniture a thrill!

Still too much have I,
Wanting just to travel light,
More I will let go.

It seems hard to sit,
Writing while the research calls,
Still, it feeds my soul.

Compassion today,
For myself and others too,
Sending love all ways.

After Dad had died,
Deer came to me in that yard,
Is that you, Dad, now?

Whether then or now,
You and mom are with me now,
Energy alive.

Thank you, God of All,
For protection, love and joy,
With me all my days.

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