I am here!

Thank you, God of All,
For this home, these things, for all,
I feel happy now.

Why am I drawn here?
Beautiful, but many are,
Magic for me here.

Sharon lived here once,
Deer in summer sublet too,
Mt. Tam over all.

Ilona, my friend,
Rita giving everywhere,
Unity was here.

LynEl was nearby,
And my Spyglass outlook home,
Views of trees to sea.

But it’s of the heart,
Mysteries do not explain,
Simply there they are.

And my life was here,
Whether there or over here,
Many years of life.

Some friends are across,
Some are here, some up the coast,
Others in So. Cal.

And my T back east,
Sister of the Soul and heart,
On her way as well.

Carolina friends,
Family all, I’l miss them too,
But I’ll see on zoom!

I know God will guide,
SR with her gifts and grief,
Joy will soon be hers!

Janice class right now,
More to serve as I learn how,
Right now feel the peace.

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