Monday, August 31, 2020

Black is white he said,
They believe him, without clothes,
Lies, when I seek truth.

How can I find peace?
In this battle with the dark?
Trust with all your might.

First, believe in light,
Then know all is possible,
With the God of all.

Love will conquer all,
Lives connected, mighty force,
Focused on one goal.

Pray again, I must,
Letting go of fear and rage,
Knowing how to be.

Let me shine my light,
Guiding others through the dark,
Dawn disperses night.

Can I find the peace?
Thinking of the birds and trees?
Life beyond the man?

Struggle in my soul,
Anger, rage wants to win out,
Smother light in dark.

But that isn’t me,
Light is what I’m all about,
Searching for it so.

I can only do,
What is mine to do in love,
I believe in light.