This New September Month

Yesterday I changed,
Blog to carry haiku words,
Now I’m scared again.

Fear it is too much,
All the words just spewed out there,
Brevity, perhaps.

Ahh, I did not breathe,
Nor give thanks before I wrote,
I will do that now.

Thank you for the view,
For all views that I have had,
Beauty in the world.

Thank you for my friends,
Friends who love me up or down,
As I love them, too.

Maybe choose my words,
To reflect the hope I get,
Through my writing verse.

I can curate me,
Not expression but display,
How I might inspire.

Not to censor, no,
More to share a gift each day,
Just like I receive.

Writing helps me live,
Sharing helps me feel alive,
Both are gifts of God.

But if no belief?
Does not matter, life within,
That is God enough.

Seasons of our lives,
Little child then busy world,
I am now a crone.

Suits me well inside,
Though the outside feels unknown,
Here inside, I’m me.

Grateful more am I,
For each day, for life and love,
Give, receive them both.

On this day of smoke,
I breathe freely in my home,
Thankful for good air.