Giving Thanks This Day

Alone, I listen,
Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks now!
Only words I hear.

Thank you for this life,
For the breath I deeply breathe,
On this fresh new day.

Thank you for my friends,
Friends who open up their hearts,
To the world at large.

Thank you for new thoughts,
Up with stars or tiny ant,
Balance of it all.

Thank you for the brave,
Healers, fighters, risking all,
For the rest of us.

Thank you for the seas,
Oceans grand across the world,
Blue and beautiful.

Thank you for the hills,
Giving views across the way,
Lush with evergreens.

Thank you for the lows,
Valleys sometimes dark with fear,
Sometimes packed with life.

Thank you for my life,
Sometimes bright when I can see,
Truth and beauty both.

Thank you for my food,
Having more than I can use,
Giving some away.

Thank you for the gift,
Of a life where all my needs,
Were so richly met.

Thank you for the gift,
Now to pass on to someone,
Not so richly blessed.

Thank you for my health,
Letting me sit here and write,
Fingers, mind intact.

Thank you for the strong,
Standing for the rights of all,
Even as some fall.

Thank you for us all,
Striving for just kindness, love,
For our world in light.