Labor Day Weekend

On those Labor Days,
Off to Disneyland we went,
Dave’s birthdays at beach.

Now the house is gone,
Dave and I remember still,
What those days were like.

Memories with sun,
Darkness gone as years go by,
Only joy remains.

Now I walk my streets,
Mask for smoke and covid too,
Happy to be out.

Some grand homes near here,
Wonder what their pasts have seen,
Steady through the years.

Once there was no gate,
Golden bridge across the sea,
Ferries brought you here.

Now our cars go by,
Taking us where we will go,
Close or to the East.

Kids now say “Cali,”
Not a thought when we were young,
Frisco, also, no.

Change with times we must,
Words, ideas, and new thoughts,
Who knows what can be?

In her youth no jets,
No web browsers or email,
Lots of open space.

Now we talk for free,
To New Zealand, ‘cross the world,
On our magic phones.

Where is spirit now?
In this talk of change and tech?
It is everywhere.

In my heart the peace,
Seeing Nature, birds, the trees,
Beauty everywhere.

I need peace this morn,
Not the busy-ness of life,
Just a silent space.

And it is right here,
Waiting for me just inside,
What a great, new day!

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