Ole Ole Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

In this dreadful heat,
Pool lies sparkling by our stairs,
Covid means no swim.

Still it gives the hope,
Of new times by water’s edge,
One day soon again.

Right now windows closed,
Smoke stay out until the night,
Then I let it in.

Complaints on this morn,
Keep my focus from the gifts,
Of this Labor Day.

I awake with breath,
Friends and fam’ly still here too,
Coping with covid.

Life goes on in thanks,
Joy still found in gratitude,
Just keep keepin’ on.

Thank you for the stars,
Twinkling in the distant skies,
There is so much more.

Thank you for the ant,
Tiny life in miniature,
There is so much more.

Thank you for the docs,
Using all their brains to find,
Cures and reasons why.

Thank you for pictures,
For the views of places far,
We can see today.

Thank you for the years,
So I know this too shall pass,
Joy will come again.

Ever is it so,
Seasons come and seasons go,
Nature beyond man.

When I try control,
Forces laugh and I let go,
Trusting order still.

Now I try to trust,
Even if the world explodes,
Revolution here?

Sitting in my room,
I just write and give my thanks,
For our lives and love.

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