This Day of Days

Today is a stretch,
To believe divine order,
Still, I must have faith.

What else can I do?
When the world seems wounded too
Dark fear muddies seas.

Nineteen years ago,
Buildings fell, our safety too
Now we must change hate.

This time hate divides,
From within and all seems lost,
Still I must have faith.

Wildfires burn our hearts,
Homes and forests, lives are lost,
Ashes rain down here.

Hard to stay with hope,
Feathers singed with fear and dread,
Only path I see.

Keep the sun in mind,
And its light despite the dark,
It’s still there each day.

Fans boo Unity,
Wonder why such white fans think,
They are the Be All.

May men play as One,
Knowing all are on the team,
Of Humanity.

Will our women save?
Seeking ways to heal the wounds,
Fighting not the way.

Men and women both,
Find the sacred heart within,
Hold the thought of One.

Climate needs our help,
Not for one but ev’ry one,
Hope it’s not too late.

Children need our help,
Seeing love instead of hate,
Holding All as One.

I must let go fear,
If my energy can help,
Must be out of love.

Gratitude, of course,
Is the way to fly the sky,
Light as air o’er all.

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