Surrender, Just Let Go

Surrender and breathe,
Let go and feel relief flow,
All is well again.

Sometimes I forget,
How surrender brings such peace,
Letting it all go.

Sometimes time or place,
Not the time to stop and breathe,
More a time to fight.

But that time is here,
To surrender all the fight,
And to be here now.

Thank you for this peace,
Letting me recall my Self,
Breathing in me now.

When I let fight go,
I remember who I am,
Inner power mine.

Deep peace I do want,
And well-being, love and health,
All within me now.

Do not fear next days,
All will flow as it will do,
My boat will float too.

On this day of smoke,
Staying in can bring great gifts,
If I let fear go.

I have had such days,
In the past, tomorrow, too,
But today I’m here.

I am joyful now,
As my gratitude takes hold,
Lifting me right up.

I don’t need to know
What tomorrow brings right now,
Just live in this day.

Oceans and the skies,
Birds fly free around the world,
Flowers bloom here too.

Blinders drop away,
When we let go of control,
Loving just what is.

Gratitude I have,
For these days of silence here
Time to just have peace.