Let It Go, Let It Be

Rosh Hashana night,
Two great women left us here,
Totally bereft.

Still, we do go on,
As we must to honor them,
Grateful for their lives.

Here I can’t let go,
Need to struggle, find a way,
Thinking makes it so.

But mind is not heart,
And the heart is not the soul,
Where my guidance lives.

If I am to be,
Living, flowing, feeling ME,
I now must let go.

Trust once more in God,
Shining light where night is now,
Showing me a step.

Where is my new home?
Is it here in old home state,
Or up north somewhere?

Thought it might be there,
With the fam’ly ready-made,
But I feel it’s here.

Somewhere in the West,
Just where I don’t know,
For that I let go.

I can shine my light,
Down the way or also north,
But I just don’t know.

Still, I now have clues,
More than Friday, as I take,
One step at a time.

Where is family?
Gathered for our lives to share?
It will show itself.

Music, learning, there,
Sharing, laughing, crying too,
Caring for us all.

Open hearts and souls,
Giving to the cause of good,
All with one high goal.

Stumble, yes, we will,
Like a fam’ly, squabbles come,
But the bond is set.