Plant Yourself Somewhere

What, then, do I want?
To belong, to give and take,
Like a family.

Being known and loved,
For my full self, gifts and flaws,
Seeing others, too.

Shared experience,
Touchstones through these years of life,
Memories of all.

People I count on,
When I’m sick or need a ride,
As they count on me.

Near the Nature sights,
Sounds of birds and oceans far,
Simple, grateful life.

Making music, too,
Singing, laughing, weeping, all,
Melody of life.

Open to the world,
Through our books and travelogues,
Sharing what we have.

Sounds like church of old,
People seeking higher goals,
In community.

Where to find it now?
Groups together, living near,
Common thread for all.

LGBTQ and more,
Love and include, honor all,
In the end, we’re one.

East or West for me?
Homebase where to put down roots?
Still not clear to me.

Maybe I have roots,
In the soil of West Coast lands,
Where I’ve grown and learned.

I can still explore,
‘Cross the country, East or West,
North and South call too.

But the roots go deep,
In my homeland here I see,
Now I feel it more.

Plant yourself somewhere,
So your new shoots can grow up,
By Pacific shore.