This is That, That’s All There Is

Back and forth I go,
Thinking this, then thinking that!
I cannot decide.

Show me, God, the way,
Let me give up and let go,
I cannot decide.

Want someone to say,
This is what is right for you,
Go this other way.

But I know it’s I,
Who must feel where I’m to go,
Hate that lifelong choice.

Freedom is at top,
I could not let someone say,
“Here you must now go.”

But a lighthouse, please,
Shining light near ocean shore,
Sounds like seas I seek.

Yes, the valleys, too,
Great, grand meadows ‘neath the peaks,
Mountain grandeur too.

I am That. This is That. That is That.
That’s all the is.

Quoted by Deepak Chopra.

Then I think of home,
Needing freedom and to give,
Women are in charge.

Where could that then be?
If I want to stay out West?
Near the ocean blue?

Don’t know answer now,
But I know each saddness brings,
One more light to bear.

Oh, dear God of mine,
Maker of the souls of Man,
Give me guidance now.

“Yes, impatient one,
Deep within you I am there,
You know it is true.”

Each new thought that comes,
Is a clue from Divine seas,
Flowing strong in you.

Let go of control,
Trust the steps each day of life,
And your inner flow.

Thank you, God of All,
For my life gifts, large and small,
Blessings ev’ry day.