Ahh, We Breathe Again

Decency prevailed,
Letting us now breathe again,
Trying to be kind.

Freedom lives again,
Even with the discontent,
We will heal once more.

Kindness is the word,
Loving those who don’t love us,
Grateful for our lives.

Autumn brings the cold,
Welcome now beyond the heat,
To ev’ry season…

Clarity seems here,
Balance gained, and order now,
Casting off our hate.

Let us let go fear,
Seeing only harmony,
Knowing we are One.

We see now the truth,
That our vigilance must stay,
For the rights of all.

We can only grow,
Through our trials in the dark,
Grateful for the sun.

Light is there for us,
Over land and over seas,
Even when we doubt.

Long day turns to night,
When we rest and regain strength,
For the days ahead.

We do not lose hope,
Looking up at stars galore,

Keep the light in view,
Whether sun or deep within,
It is always there.

Dolly, Lily, Jane,
Women whom I love to watch,
Changing through their lives.

We were once the babes,
Little girls then strong women,
Elders now, we’re wise.

Honor wisdom, yes,
When still hidden or bright star,
Thankful for our breaths.

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