What Works?

What is working now?
Breathing deeply, giving thanks,
Knowing who I am.

Who is that? I say,
“I” who knows I’m one with God,
Always with me now.

That is always true,
As a baby, growing up,
Now the crone knows it.

Took me long enough!
Better late than never, yes,
Still a young elder.

What works now is truth,
Knowing lenses will distort,
Peering more within.

Inside Spirit lives,
Outside too, but not so close,
My truth lies within.

Poetry and song,
Music to a beating heart,
Feeding me with hope.

Doubt creeps back in me,
But I shun it, claim the light,
Cycles of the day.

Fed by sky and sea,
Nature in the mountains high,
Valleys in the sun.

Though I walk alone,
Spirit always shines in me,
Lighting up the way.

Love the doubt today,
Give it space, do not resist,
It will fade away.

What resists persists,
As I’ve heard so often now,
Feel it, then let go.

I let go the fear,
Not enough, not smart enough,
I have value too.

Fear can go, thank you,
Bless you, dear, now do be gone,
I have truth to see


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