Beauty Out There Lies

From a Forgotten Post, Spring, 2019

Patterns of the light
Filter through the leafy green
Beauty out there lies.

Deep within I find,
Peace as well which dwells within
Hiding in the dark.

Feel the gratitude,
Let go worries, dark concerns
Open to the light.

Such is also truth,
Letting sun rise, seeing dawn,
All is not the night.

In this day of spring,
Passing light show gives me joy,
Let it shine within.

When the darkness grabs,
Slip away, just let it go
Heaven is still here.

Babies birth this day,
Someone dies but someone’s born,
Always is it so.

Hold your whole self close,
Loving weakness with the strength,
All belongs to you.

Joining hands we know,
In our circle love breaks through,
Shining through us all.

Do not go alone,
Many need your heart as well
Walking in this life.

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