Intention to Stay Grounded

I have written my 10-minute timed writing for the writing group. To continue a blog of the new story, I will begin collecting the inspirational quotes from any source – Bible, poetry, essays, philosopher – that mean something to me.

I want to counterbalance the focus of news on bad things, things that make their audience watch.

First, appropriately, I remember “In the beginning…” But weirdly I was thinking “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

But I didn’t remember that that sentence was the beginning of John. Hah! Never associated that with my dad, John, before. “And that was the beginning of John.”

I am so involved with looking at the lives of these ancestors that it is a challenge to both honor their lives and stories and to be here now.

Also, it feels as if I need to play in the world which is now a world of speed, social media, zoom zoom zoom! But I want mostly to sit quietly in the woods, rather in a meadow near the woods, warm, comfy, by a meandering stream.

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