How lovely it is,
Emily’s words to read now,
Filling me with joy.

If one tree falls there,
Not seen, but it had a life,
It can be enough.

Lighter now am I,
Not in body but in heart,
I can fly away!

Not to leave for good,
Just to migrate, to explore,
Coming back in spring.

Spring back in the hills,
Blooming trees and daffodils,
Beauty overwhelms.

This is simply joy,
Overwhelming in the heart,
Sitting in the quiet.

So the mind does drift,
From the sky to lowest earth,
It is all the same.

“They might not need me,
But they might” I take into
My soul so glad now.

My soul with open
Arms, stands ajar to see
Unexpected love.

A wounded deer and
grieving heart can leap highest,
So I’ve read today.

Emily was here,
Leaving hope for all of us,
Opening her soul.

Grateful are we for
This day, unexpected doors
Open to the sky.

Emily Dickinson Homestead

Emily Dickinson was not well known in her time, and yet she created anyway. She had to, because writing was clearly one of the biggest parts of her purpose here on earth, to communicate these words in such a unique form that they now impact our lives today.

These words and the quotes below were posted by Christie Leigh Babirad. Thank you, Christie.