By the Sea

I arrive at my April scene by the sea, not the quiet winter refuge I know so well, but the beginnings of summer crowds. Easter crowds escape this covid year by basking in the sun, people, people everywhere, they love being free!

In the stores I’m glad to see masks are still required. I am happy to have shots. This is not about a pandemic, but about sitting quietly by myself to absorb the peace of the ocean.

Sitting here I write,
Feelings, views, what comes to me,
On this April day.

Nature must be part,
Of my haiku for my heart,
Even with these crowds.

Here I sit by sea,
Hearing all the welcome waves,
Wash up on the shore.

Things seem new to me,
How I know that each day’s good,
Knowing all is well.

Something’s changed in me,
Knowing each day might be last,
Focused on the good.

Somehow fear is gone,
In this day of giving thanks,
For just where I am.

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