Focused on New Story

I commit to telling the new story, despite a strong need to keep retelling the old.

I am so grateful my spirit has caught up to my body again today. I have been able to let go of doubt, worry, confusion. I embrace gratitude, helping others, seeing even my own light.

As I searched for inspiring quotes by women this morning, I met a new woman by her work, Mary Anne Radmacher. I came to find her by way of another unknown woman, Beth Buelow of The Introvert Entrepreneur.

What a gift to discover these women, writers, artists, introverts. They are each living out their own dreams and adventures, famous to some, unknown to most. I begin to listen to Beth Buelow’s final podcast from a series from 2010-2018, entitled “Endings and Beginnings.”  I love Beth’s sentences about her personal evolution. She echoes my own knowing that we all are creative, creating not only expressions of art but our lives themselves.

Even as I age and evolve myself, I may express that Self in different ways. But I am always the same Self, just pivoting in different ways.
This is where having compassion for ourselves is so necessary as well as our compassion for others. No one can see inside. No one knows our true selves. By allowing ourselves to pivot and go in new directions or begin new things we discover more of who we have always been.

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