In the Dark, I Forget

Sometimes in the night,
I forget the sun will shine,
Bringing a fresh day.

All can seem so dark,
Hope a dream to never know,
Drowning in the waves.

Then a ray of light,
Starts to form far out to sea,
Just a glimmer then.

But it soon expands,
Flowing over sea and land,
Bringing dawn and hope.

So these cycles go,
Dark and light, spring, winter, fall,
Summer’s joy my home.

Still I welcome fall,
With its time to rest and know,
Changes are all part.

Autumn leaves do fall,
Winter brings its bleakness then,
Clarity of view.

Now we feel the spring,
New awake’nings, rebirth all,
We can breathe again.

May the lessons stay,
As with fresh eyes we do grow,
Blossoming once more.