Wide Open

Opening my heart,
Letting go of cords and binds,
I feel free again.

Trying hard is good,
When the work is keenly known,
And the steps are clear.

But when one is blind,
Moving here, then moving there,
Staying still can help.

List’ning to the voice,
Slowing down to hear the sounds,
That can be the key.

Once again there’s hope!
Letting all just find its way,
Recognizing joy.

I may still be fooled,
But my heart says look beyond,
All is lining up.

Sitting by the sea,
Is my joy, my deep heart’s way,
Coming home to rest.

All feels easy now,
Whether here or perhaps there,
Clarity feeds joy.

Cats or puppies too?
Hard to say as vistas loom,
Mem’ries I can’t lose.

Grateful here am I,
All the blessings now to see,
In the bright new day.

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