Patience, Compassion

Here this Monday morn,
Patience I am called to have,
With this friend, now crone.

Like the rest of us,
She has lost some of her mind,
Compassion key now.

Ah, the veils of youth,
Hiding all the secrets tight,
That old age reveals.

Wisdom comes with years,
Bringing wrinkles, sagging, yes,
But new views as well.

Thank you, God of all,
For the beauty of this earth,
Kindness can win out.

Not the God of Men,
But a force some know so well,
Loving without end.

“What a fool!” she says,
“Look at all the lies and dark,
Killing, hating, all.”

I still look to light,
And the dawn of each new day,
Bringing hope again.

Yes, the darkness is,
Seeming sometimes all there is,
But that is not truth.

Out beyond the clouds,
Moves the sun beyond our view,
Bringing light one day.

In youth and in age,
One can think that hope is lost,
But it’s still out here.

Hidden by a fear,
Gone from view with some deep loss,
But it’s still out here.

Here this Monday morn,
Patience I remember now,
Bringing hope with joy.