Everything Works Out

Could I really say,
“Ev’rything works out for me”?
I can simply try.

Here this sunny morn,
On the screen Mont St. Michel
Makes me smile in joy.

Downstairs in hotel,
Real hot breakfast, not “go bag,”
Things are looking up!

Yesterday I mourned,
Expectations turned around,
Now I just give thanks.

When I trust the gods,
All good things return to me,
If I just can see.

Where it goes from here?
Not to worry, just to trust,
All works well for me.

Sitting quietly,
In the dark or in the light,
Shows me what I need.

Gratitude for sure,
From it springs the rest of life,
Knowing life’s a gift.

Problem seemed so hard,
Then I let go, did step one,
That was all it took.

Broke stuff or my life,
Steps are all the same it’s clear,
Let go and let God.

Now I must needs go,
To the day which lies ahead,
Filled with joy and light.

Can I really say,
“Ev’rything works out for me”?
Yes, I can and will.

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