How, Then, Shall I Live?

It has been a trip,
Driving over all the land,
Little car so safe.

Out to Wilmington,
I had set out soon to move,
There were other plans.

Sickness in the lungs,
Fever, coughing, hearing gone,
Staying in hotel.

Then the guidance came,
Near my fam’ly north or south,
On the West Coast go.

Logic was not there,
Just the knowing, all was clear,
Go to Sister Cher.

Neither nun nor blood,
We grew up as family,
Gathered ‘round in love.

With her tragic loss,
Father gone, but kids and wife
Had to carry on.

Church fam’ly were we,
Swaveleys, Curtins, Terbeeks, Links,
Then together all.

Cheri was my bud,
Like our cousins all K’s were,
Spiritually still now.

So I bid adieu,
To my friends, Soul Sister too,
On our East Coast side.

Off I drove, fatigued,
Starting just with two brief hours,
Then to four or five.

Farms spread out each side,
Lakes and rivers, gorgeous land,
Our United States.

I did not watch news,
Did not want to know divides,
Loving each new state.

This divide shall pass,
Like all things, both good and bad,
So I felt great joy.

Now I start afresh,
In the Northwest beauty here,
Thankful for the love.