It is in the Stillness

I am home once more.

It is still again,
Quiet in the morning fresh,
I can see the light.

Weeks of busy gone,
Now the stillness opens me,
Heart within can soar.

In these days of age,
Light comes more than darkness does,
Blessings of these times.

Soon I’ll write much more,
Planted now in fertile soil,
By the sea as well.

I am grateful here,
For the beauty, for my friends,
Future not a thing.

In the stillness green,
Nature right outside my door,
I can leave or stay.

Now my things are here,
Mirror and table, chairs and lamps,
Settle in, be still.

Open to the world,
But leave negative alone,
Find the spots of joy.

Claim your own light, too,
All the joy amidst despair,
Good is always there.

Now my mind takes hold,
Can’t be fiddling, must get up,
Things to do, to find!

Heart has reasons too,
Reasons which the mind can’t know,
Stronger reasons, yes.

Still the silence goes,
And I stand to greet the day,
What will this day bring?!

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