January 1, 2022: Come Together

On this wondrous day,
Light shows all the path ahead
I am filled with joy.

With love as my lead,
I move out in trust and strength,
Leaving fear behind.

Losses come, it’s true,
And no one can fill the void,
But the memories hold.

And with each new day,
Being present in the Now,
New love fills the heart.

Unknown days ahead,
All I have to know I know,
Follow light with trust.

Fear pervades the land,
Just as strong the faith in good,
Love will still prevail.

As I give deep thanks,
For my life, for each new breath,
I am filled with hope.

Hope that’s strong with faith,
Not my bird of feathers, now,
But the strength of love.

No more shields and swords,
War can not our world soon heal,
Love embraces all.

Each one has her place,
Colors, races, we are one,
Strong, we move ahead.

By embracing all,
Suddenly we see a way,
Healing can begin.