I Believe

Yesterday I read the words “I Believe” and the song kept coming to mind. Perry Como? Elvis? Frankie Laine? I’m delighted to find out it was actually commissioned in 1952 by Jane Froman and sung on her TV show. All of what I discovered, including Pierino “Perry” Como’s story as child of Italian immigrants, to be told in another blog.

Today Daily Word from Unity is Pray for Others. I am praying for a dear friend of mine who is very ill with pneumonia.

Pray for others now
Seeing them so filled with light
Spirit’s love infused.

Grateful for ER’s,
But it’s home she longed to be
Now she’s in her place.

Seeing how our breath
Is the key to life each day
With each morning’s dawn.

Sleep, she must, and dream,
Turning nightmares into clues
Of her gift on earth.

Fever, fear but faith,
Knowing she is meant for more
Sharing gifts of love.

Composers: Al Stillman, Ervin M Drake,
 Irwin Graham, Jimmy Shirl,

Commissioned by Jane Froman,
sung by Frankie Laine,1953.

Thank you, God of All,
For this Being we all love,
Healing her each day.

Once again her laugh,
Echoes through our hearts and minds,
As she sees her path.

Grateful, all, are we,
For the faith we all do share,
In the pow’r of Love.