About Light and Dark

If you were drawn to this site, perhaps you are intimately familiar with the cycles of light and dark which govern our lives, inside and out. Perhaps you have experienced the dissonance of seeing a bright, sunny day outside, while you struggle with the night of the soul inside.

This place is to explore the challenges of riding those waves of our internal lives. Older posts are in full sentences, but some are in a loose form of Haiku. It gives me breathing room, a chance to be briefer, to clarify my thoughts in the 5-7-5 syllable format. It is not “proper” haiku, as I often use no seasonal word or write about the truth of Nature.

Like others, writing is my life expression, giving me freedom, breathing room, a chance to learn about myself and share with others.

If you wish to check out my book of poetry, mostly written way way back in 1999-2002, you will find it at amazon: SunCatcher: Walking Lightly in the Dark, 2020 Revised Edition .

Through the exploration we often regain balance and clarity, just by expressing the truth of our lives. 
Thank you for visiting!
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